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 "Childhood is a journey, not a race."
Is All About

Founded in 1993, Kinderhaus Learning Center is one of the first Catholic developmental preschools in the Philippines.


Kinderhaus Learning Center is a progressive preschool in Quezon City, established in 1993. Located at 14 Sgt. Esguerra (Bohol) Ave., we accept children from ages 1.7-5.8 and children with special needs.


Kinderhaus ensures that all students have a positive, productive educational experience in which they learn to make choices, master self-help skills and relate to classmates. These achievements nurture a growing sense of self-confidence. The child-centered, hands-on approach engages children and fosters independence.

At Kinderhaus, literacy is the first and most essential goal. The school is proud to be one of the very few preschools in Manila that employs The Slingerland Approach, a unique language program developed to provide children the basic foundation needed for reading and writing. Almost all children become proficient in the written and spoken word by the end of Kinder level. The school prepares children for the big schools as it provides extra tutorial sessions specifically for entrance exams.


At Kinderhaus, the child takes center stage and the teacher (with the help of another teacher and a teacher aid), guides her learning.


Our spacious, natural and air-conditioned rooms have different learning areas that keep our little ones busy learning while playing. These areas of learning are furnished with various toys and materials for maximum experiential encounter! Our small adult-child ratio (3:10 for Toddlers and Junior Nursery and 3:15 for Senior Nursery and  4:25 for Kinder) allows more personal and individualized interaction and instruction.

We also have monthly events to celebrate the milestones the children experience. From school fiestas to Christmas Outreach, Octoberfest to School Fair and a lot more!

Our teachers trained in prestigious universities and have a combined teaching experience of over 60 years.


Our fees are very affordable and competitive. We would like to invite you to see what Kinderhaus has to offer.


KINDERHAUS is open all year-round for enrollees for Toddlers, Junior and Senior Nursery and Kinder 1 and 2 classes. We also have mainstreaming classes and SPED classes for children with special needs.

Visit us at 14 Sgt. Esguerra Ave., (Bohol), QC or call us at 926.6244 between 7.30am-3pm or email us at or visit us at or


In Kinderhaus, we believe that Childhood should be a journey not a race.





"...where childhood is a journey, not a race!"